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Intermediate to Advanced Web
References and Links

References for advanced web users and early to intermediate web authors. Last significant update May 1998.


  • Introduction
  • Analog References (books)
  • Web Application Development and General Discussions
  • Workshop Tools
  • Medical Examples of Web Applications
  • Common Gateway Interface (CGI)
  • Perl
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • XML (Extended Markup Language)
  • Style Sheets
  • LDAP: Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
  • Apple Macintosh and AppleScript CGI
  • Microsoft Windows
  • High End Web Application Development

  • Introduction

    This document was first created for a talk Bob Elson and I gave in 1996 at the spring meeting of the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine (in San Francisco). It's since been revised and updated to server other presentations. There is tremendous turnover in many of these sites, perhaps because of the nature of the topics.

    Table of Contents

    Analog References (books)

    I used to recommend not buying a book that's more than a year old, but as of 2000 the web is now changing much more slowly. Many older books are quite fine. Also, in the mid-90s many publishers were experimenting with offering texts online -- most have discontinued this though some books have companion web sites. Sometimes the companion sites can be a guide to quality.

    How to Use Html 3.2 by Scott Arpajian, Robert Mullen. Ziff Davis Pr. ISBN: 1562764969. $19.99
    Probably the best book to begin with. The entire book is made up of annotated illustrations. Surprisingly effective!

    Musciano C, Kennedy B. HTML: The Definitive Guide. 2nd ed. O'Reilly. 1997.
    Just as the title says. If you're planning to do real web page development, you need this book.

    Introducing Microsoft Frontpage 97. Kerry A. Lehto, W. Brett Polonsky. Microsoft Pr. February 1997 ISBN: 1572315717 $19.99
    The missing manual for Microsoft's essentially undocumented web-site management and authoring software.. However, check out my web pages on FrontPage, FrontPage 97 - A Personal Perspective.

    Ian S. Graham. HTML Sourcebook: A Complete Guide to HTML. Wiley.
    An intermediate text that provides a good foundation for someone accustomed to HTML writing. See the associated web site:
    HTML Source Book Home Page (Ian Graham)
    Ed Tittel, Mark Gaither, et al. Foundations of World Wide Web Programming with HTML and CGI. IDG Books. With CD-ROM.
    A multi-author text that reads more like a collection of essays than an integrated whole. Perl code is very helpful, and they have an excellent integrated web site:
    The Foundations of WWW Programming with HTML and CGI

    Table of Contents

    Web Application Development and General Discussions

    Bibliography of HTML Reference Documents (
    An excellent list of standards, references, resources.
    BYTE Network Project: Jon Udell
    Jon Udell's terrific essay on setting up the BYTE web application. Discusses intranets, CGI, Perl, Windows NT servers, Unix servers, etc.
    HTML Source Book Home Page (Ian Graham)
    A companion to the text. Excellent reference for general coding. Good bibliography and reference center.
    The Foundations of WWW Programming with HTML and CGI
    Online companion to the book and cd-rom

    Table of Contents

    Workshop Tools

    StarNine - Internet Software for MacOS and Windows
    Producers of WebStar web server and other tools.
    WebFM Home Station
    Can get time-limited trial version.
    Claris Corporation (FileMaker)
    Makers of FileMaker and other Mac/Windows products.
    Bare Bones Software -- BBEdit
    Vendor of a popular Macintosh text editor and html tool.

    Table of Contents

    Medical Examples of Web Applications

    Internet Grateful Med (IGM)
    Now free of charge, IGM is a great example of a high volume, working, web application. A client server intereface for MEDLINE searches.
    U Colorado Medical Rounds
    A great application of HTML technology in table design, CGI code, and discussion representation.

    For more advanced and complex clinical web applications, see: IMR Examples (Academic) and Commercial Products and Vendors.

    Table of Contents

    Common Gateway Interface (CGI)

    Common Gateway Interface -- CGI
    NCSA specification for the CGI interface and lots of useful examples.

    Table of Contents


    Index of Perl/HTML archives
    O'Reilly and Associates PERL resource site
    Publisher's companion page for a Perl text.
    Perl and CGI/WWW Scripting
    HomePage for Perl scripting.
    Comprehensive Perl Archive Network
    Perl Top Level Page
    MacPerl Primer
    Primer on MacPerl, many links, but not recently updated.

    Table of Contents


    Java HomePage
    Sun's next generation language for web use.
    JavaWorld - Online Journal
    Free excellent ongoing journal of Java activity.
    Preeminent source of Java information and activity.

    Table of Contents


    No relation to Java except the name. A scripting language increasingly used in lightweight Net applications, it's utility is limited by infighting between major browser vendors: Microsoft and Netscape.

    Internet Toolkit (JavaScript)
    PC Magazine maintains this excellent set of links to JavaScript resources.
    JavaScript: The Definitive Guide Examples
    The best reference book on JavaScript.
    Netscape JavaScript Guide

    Danny Goodman's JavaScript Pages

    Table of Contents

    XML (Extended Markup Language)

    XML is, in the fall of 1997, the Next Big Thing. It looks like it may be at least as big as Java.

    Robin Cover's XML resources page
    The XML FAQ
    Internet Toolkit (XML)
    XML-Data Spec (Microsoft)
    Meta Content Framework Using XML
    XML Java and the future of the Web
    XML a professional alternative to HTML
    Story Why Insiders Are So Excited About XML
    DataChannel XML Page

    Table of Contents

    Style Sheets

    Style Sheets were introduced with IE 3.0. They're well developed in IE 4.0, and partly implemented in NS 4.0. They are well defined by the W3C standards committee and are highly regarded

    Guide to Cascading Style Sheets
    IENS Style Sheet Support
    Internet Toolkit Style Sheets
    Style Sheets Guide Index Page
    NetscapeWorld - Getting started with cascading style sheets
    Web Style Sheets

    Table of Contents

    LDAP: Lightweight Directory Access Protocol

    A standard way to map names of things and people onto addresses. Much more important than it sounds!

    An Internet Approach to Directories (LDAP)
    Netscape's overview of the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP).
    A Bulldozer Through the Intersection (LDAP)
    A remarkable discussion of the implications of global directory systems.

    Table of Contents

    Apple Macintosh and AppleScript CGI

    Scripting News
    Macintosh and Windows scripting including CGI applications.
    Script Web
    This virtual site is a collaborative effort to provide a single source of information for Macintosh scripting, primarily for AppleScript and
    Macintosh Web Development Pointers
    Internet Publishing Project
    Richard Rathe's MacPerl based project. Links to CGI, MacPerl, and other Perl platforms.

    Table of Contents

    Microsoft Windows

    Site Builder Network
    Microsoft's comprehensive resource kit for Windows developers.
    Windows CGI, VB/Access CGI Programming

    Table of Contents

    High End Web Application Development

    Allaire -- Cold Fusion
    Web site database software for Windows NT.
    EveryWare Development Inc.
    Vendors of the Mac/Windows Tango web site database software.
    Tango Hints Archives (
    Resource for Tango developers.
    Becoming an Internet Service Provider
    When doing major web application development, it definitely helps to understand how your ISP works.

    Table of Contents

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