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IMR References and Links

References relevant to the Internet Medical Record and to building large-scale distributed web applications. See also Advanced Web Refs for many of the underlying technologies.


Introductory Materials and Tutorials

See: Intro Net Reading and Refs.

InterNIC 15 Minute Series.
This site provides a comprehensive set of tutorials, from the very basics to esoterica. Materials may be viewed online or downloaded as HTML or PowerPoint presentations.

These items are taken from my personal web site.

STFM 96 Web Workshop II Home
A tutorial on web application development aimed at educators. It's very simple, but it shares many common themes with the far more complex IMR. (Uses a Macintosh example.)
The Web as Middleware
A short essay on Client/Server computing and the middleware web. A bit dated (March, 1996), but brief and mostly accurate.


Object Management Group Home Page
The OMG administers the CORBA specification.
CORBA services for medicine.
Corba-Java Web Site (Orfali)
A limited web site companion to the best CORBA book.
Los Alamos National Laboratory CORBA
A site with links to many CORBA resources.
Jon Udell. Net Applications: Will Netscape Set the Standard? BYTE March 1997
An excellent brief overview by Jon Udell, covers many cutting edge web technologies including CORBA.

WWW Technical

W3C Recommendations Reduce World Wide Wait
A readable discussion of how HTTP 1.1 and other improvements will improve web throughput substantially.
Net Applications: Will Netscape Set the Standard? BYTE March 1997
An excellent brief overview by Jon Udell, covers many cutting edge web technologies.

Network Computers

Network Computers, BYTE April 1997
A recent overview of Network Computers and their alternatives.
IBM Network Station
IBM's network computer with Lotus' Java suite.
Network Computer Inc.
Oracle's Network Computing site.
NC -- Network Computer
Front Door - Network Computer News
Acorn: The Range of NC Devices

Commercial Products and Vendors
I work for this company. It has the strongest focus on using Internet technologies at the point of care that I know of.
Internet workflow solutions for healthcare.
Healtheon had an active Internet/medical connection, with a good bit of media attention. The've since moved out of this area.
A joint venture with America Online aimed at physicians.

IMR Examples (Academic)

The following are a partial list of demonstartion EMR web interfaces that are publicly available. Not surprisingly, these are very limited demonstrations. The "good stuff" is not quite so public.

Univ of Minnesota Lab Information System
The U of Minnesota system was one of the earliest and most sophisticated uses of web technology in clinical care. Over 20 years of user interface design was expressed using dynamic HTML and standard Lab Information System databases. This web site has a very early prototype. A study by Willard et al showed substantial time savings and decreased error rates with use of a later prototype compared to traditional lab information systems.
Electronic Medical Record System Demonstrations on the Web
This site is a complement to the paper by Sitting et al. In the American Medical Informatics Association's 1996 Fall Symposium proceedings. It references many of the examples shown here.
The MIT CDM Guardian Angel Project
This project appears inactive. It was a proposal for a longtitudinal medical record based on the web.
Boston Children's W3-EMRS
A limited example of a Web interface to legacy data. Was MIT MedWeb.
CareWeb -University of Michigan
A simple demonstration of a modest Web interface.
Advanced Research Testbed for Medical Informatics - Concurrent Engineering Research Center
Virtual Electronic Medical Record - University of Virginia
InterMed Radiology Workstation - Brigham and Women's Hospital
Web-based Clinical Information System - Columbia University

EMR Standards

DUMC - Health Informatics Standards
Definitions of Health Informatics Standards.
IBM Global Healthcare Industry-Overview of Healthcare Information Standards
A decent delineation of Healthcare Information Standards, not specifically about IMR standards.

WWW and EMR Discussions

Detmer: WWW and the Electonic Medical Record
A nice overview, still topical despite the 1994 publication date.
A Revolution in Electronic Medical Record Systems via the World Wide Web
Clinical Web 1996-2001
Explorations into the future of the web in health care (not only IMR).
Medical Records and the Internet
A presentation by Bob Elson, focus on management issues.

Internet Privacy Advocates

Electronic Frontier Foundation What's Hot in Privacy Bulletins
A leading net resource, with links to encryption issues as well.
Electronic Privacy Information Center Home Page
A leading privacy organization.
EPIC Medical Record Privacy Page
Extensive coverage of the Bennett Bill.
Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Statement
Consumer Project on Technology Privacy Page
Coalition for Patient Rights New England
Privacy International

A March 1998 series on data mining and privacy from the Washington Post.

Print References

For further references, and to order books, visit Amazon Books. You can search on keywords, such as Java, CORBA, privacy, security, etc.

Garfinkel, S and Spafford G.. Web Security and Commerce. O'Reilly. 1997.
Very readable and thorough.
Orfali R, Harkey D. Client/Server programming with Java and CORBA. Wiley. 1997.
Perhaps the best book out on the potential middleware technologies for a viable Internet Medical Record. See also: Corba-Java Web Site (Orfali).
Orfali R. Harkey D. Instant CORBA. Wiley, 1997.
An executive summary of the preceding book.
Pountain, D. The component enterprise. BYTE 1997; May: 93-98.
A quite brief overview, similar to Udell's article, but with a bit more Microsoft flavor.
Udell, Jon. Net applications: Will Netscape set the standard? BYTE 1997; Mar: 66-84.
A very good, and nicely illustrated, quick overview of (despite the title) largely open standards for distributed application. March 1997 Cover Story
IMR Articles.
An annotated list of articles from academic journals.
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