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Rheumatology & Soft Tissue Disorders

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  • Foot Pain and strain
  • Injectable steroids
  • Migratory polyarthritis
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  • Osteoarthritis
  • Sore shoulder 

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    Foot Pain and Strain


    heel pain therapy

    Injectable steroids

    1. aristospan (triamcinolone): 5 mg/ml or 20 mg/ml. Dilute with 1% xylocaine. intra-artic. 5-15 mg (3/4 ml), intra-lesion. .5-1.0 mg.
    2. dalalone (dexomethasone): "less tissue necrosis", 8 mg/dl or 16 mg/dl. Usual 1 mg/site.
    3. Celestone soluspan (betamethosone): 6 mg/ml. shoulder/knee @ 6-12 mg, bursae 6 mg, ganglion 3 mg. Dilute with 2 ml .5% marcaine. (Typically 1.5 ml celestone and 1.5 ml .5% marcaine.)

    Migratory Polyarthritis



    Sore shoulder

    ref: Mgt of Shoulder Impingement Syndrome and Rotator Cuff Tears - 2/15/98 AFP

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