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About the Medical Palm Pages

  • Introduction
  • Palm Index

  • Introduction

    Information about the Palm Pages in the medical references collection, particularly those designed for use with AvantGo. The Channel pages have a limited number of links.

    Palm Pilot and AvantGo Support

    Med Notes Index- Palm Version is a "channel" page for use with the AvantGo proxy client and companion Palm web browser. The AvantGo desktop client can use this page as a channel, with a link depth of 1. I will be making this set of pages (not the entire web site) increasingly AvantGo compliant. Note that AvantGo lacks a #@$@ search facility.

    See also my Palm/AvantGo presentation.

    Palm Index

    This page is optimized for use with the AvantGo proxy web browser. If the browser is set to a depth of 1 link, this page will serve as a channel page and will transfer appropriate documents to the Palm or Palm-Pilot.

    Because this is a channel page, it has no links to pages that could not be represented on the Palm (such as the search engines, references, PubMed, etc.).


    Author: John G. Faughnan.  The views and opinions expressed in this page are strictly those of the page author. Pages are updated on an irregular schedule; suggestions/fixes are welcome but they may take weeks to years to be incorporated. Anyone may freely link to anything on this site and print any page; no permission is needed for citing, linking,  printing, or distributing printed copies.