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Web Robots and Portable Web Documents with AvantGo and Palm/WinCE Devices


A Palm device is a preeminent example of "ubiquitous computing". It is a special-purpose device, optimized for ubiquity rather than general computing, and designed around size, price, and power constraints. AvantGo is a novel compound application made up of a web robot and HTML processing engine and a custom document viewer.

The AvantGo viewer is available for WinCE and Palm devices. The robot/processing engine can reside on an intranet server (NT), AvantGo also maintains a publicly accessible robot.

This presentation shows how both of these devices can be combined with a traditional web-based personal document archive in novel and useful ways.

First presented in the American Medical Informatics Association Fall Meeting, Nov. 11, 1998, Family Practice/Primary Care Track. Revised and updated March 15, 2000 for the Health Informatics division of the University of Minnesota.

The URL for this page is: http://www.faughnan.com/agpalm/index.html.


How to View this Presentation

  1. Frames View: This is the best choice for most persons reviewing a presentation on their own.
  2. List View: A non-frame list of slides. Best suited to very limited browsers. A second widow will open to display the "slide"
  3. Applet View: Uses JavaScript (see slide applet). Don't use this unless you're presenting. It's really only been fully tested with Netscape 4.04.

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