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Review: Evaluation Methods in Medical Informatics, BMJ Medicine and Books
When I wrote this book review of a quite good book on evaluation, I also prefaced it with my personal description of medical informatics.

Decision Support

Clinical Decision Support
Bob Elson's 1997 ICSI presentation on approaches to supporting clinical decision making.
Diagnostic Decision Support
A 1996 presentation of mine, which looked more at classic "expert systems", and the history of computer-assisted clinical decision making.

Medical Records and the Internet

Internet Medical Records: A Tutorial
This presentation focuses more on technical and security issues.
IMR References
A set of links and references related to the Internet Medical Record.
Medical Records and the Internet
A presentation by Bob Elson, focus on management issues, more oriented to physicians.

Curricula and Learning

Computer Support for Collaborative Learning
Web Site for the Dec 1997 meeting in Toronto. Topics are a good introduction to where current activity is.
Learning Technology Research Institute
This institute is just starting up as of Nov. 1997. "The new non-profit organization will focus on software tools and instructional methodologies designed both to add value to the traditional classroom learning experience and create affordable and effective learning environments beyond the boundaries of the traditional classroom, library, and laboratory.
Informatics Curriculum
Informatics elements of a medical school predoctoral managed care curriculum. Written in May of 1996 it's slightly dated but has much overlap with this material.
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This web site is a bit of an experiment in designing for information reuse on the web.

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