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Volume VI Number 1 March 2000.

Thomas Thornton, Editor and Photography WELCOME to the 1999-2000 newsletter of the Family Practice/Primary Care Working Group of AMIA. Past issues of the newsletter were distributed in both online and paper format, this issue is the first completely online version. As you may have already noticed many of the AMIA working groups are also using the electronic media to communicate to their respective memberships. Although this newsletter is dedicated to communicating to you the issues in primary care informatics, we will be adding dynamic links to other web sites within AMIA and other organizations that are promoting information relevant to primary care physicians. In this issue you will read about the several retreat sessions and other family practice/primary care events that took place at the AMIA Symposium in Washington, D.C. in November 1999. If there are any additional topics that you would like to see presented in future newsletters, we welcome your thoughts and encourage you to send any information to us. We also encourage you to send any articles related to family practice/primary care for consideration for future newsletter features.



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Editor and Photos

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Assistant Editor

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Web Editor

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