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Member Activities at AMIA 99

Robert Hausam, M.D. Chair, FP/PC Working Group.

John Zapp, M.D. Chair-elect, FP/PC Working Group.

Allen Wenner, M.D. Panel Participant S22.

G.M. Hayes, MBChB. Panel Participant S22.

J. Warren, Ph.D.

Thomas C. Thornton, M.D. Co-author:  Can Computer Autoacquisition of Medical Information Meet the Needs of the Future? A Feasibility Study in Direct Computation of the Fine Grained Electronic Medical Record. (On AMIA CD proceedings).

H.C. Mullins, M.D. S53 Session chair and participant: Usability Studies in Primary Care Informatics: Searching for Useful Answers To "Everyday Problems".

I. Purves, M.D. Participant S53.

P.J. Zimkowski, M.D. Participant S53.

J.G. Faughnan, M.D. S65 Session chair. Technology to Support and Analyze Medical Decisions.

J.A. Zapp, M.D. S83 Session chair and participant. Using the Web to Integrate, Structure, and Deliver Information at the Point of Care.

B.S. Alper, M.D. S83 participant.

J. Reider, M.D. S83 participant.

S. Clemenson, M.D. S83 participant.

I. Purves, M.D. S90 Session participant: Building and Evaluating Clinical Systems.

N. Booth, M.A. S90 participant.

J. Warren, Ph.D. S94 Session participant: Point of Care Systems.

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