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AAFP Pt. Ed - Pt Education
Urgent Care Subset

  • Child
  • Cardiovascular
  • EENT
  • GI
  • GU
  • MS & Trauma
  • Resp & Allergies
  • Neuropsych
  • Skin
  • Misc
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    See also: References for Medical Notes and Patient Education. Source material is largely from the AAFP web site. As of Sept. 1999 some links are breaking. [1]






    Infectious Disease

    MS & Trauma

    Respiratory & Allergies




    [1] These topics were taken from Americal Academy of Family Practice's Pt Ed files. I changed the titles and categories to facilitate use by physicians, and selected a subset of topics that would be most useful in an "urgent care" setting. The AAFP has no responsibility for what I did here. Because of changes at the AAFP web site some of the original links are breaking, I'm now changing my links to a version of the handouts that's tied to the American Family Physician article.

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