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Primary Care Informatics Directory

rev: 01 February, 2002


A directory of organizations and related forums particularly concerned with the application of information sciences and information technology to primary health care.


organization/group activities/interests contact person forums / lists* comments
American Academy of Family Practice FP Net US: clearinghouse for computerization resources   FP Net Bulletin Board Forum open to AAFP members only.
AAMC Group on Information Resources US/Canada: academic medicine IT      
AMIA Family Practice/Primary Care Working Group US: primary care informatics, terminology and standards, EMR support and advocacy   Member List, Fam-Med,
Admin List
An AMIA working group. Fam-Med is an independent list that's also used by STFM.
European Federation for Medical Informatics Working Group 7   WG7 Chair    
Norwegian primary care medical informatics Norway: primary care informatics     Mostly Norwegian, some English.
Society of Teachers of Family Medicine (STFM) US/Canada: communication tools, instructional technologies   STFM Lists Not sure how active the computer group is currently.
Sowerby Center for Health Informatics at Newcastle
UK: health informatics, special expertise in primary care      
UK Primary Health Care Specialist Group
UK: all of primary care informatics, terminology and standards   GP-UK, PCG IT A special interest group of the British Comptuer Society.

* Discussion groups more or less affiliated with the organization or used by members.

General Informatics Links

Computer-based Patient Record Institute
Organization focused on collaborative efforts and standards for electronic medical records.
Duke Health Care Informatics Standards page
Part of Medical Informatics Cultural Literacy Project.
Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society
Manages major vendor conference, primary focus is hospital care and integrated health networks.
Informatics Review
Essays in informatics and literature reviews. Edited by Dean Sittig (Harvard Med) who has been the most frequent contributor. Published 1st and 15th of the month.
Medical Informatics Resources
A quite nice limited outline of medical informatics resources.
Medical Records Institute
Business focusing on medical records conferences and supporting resources.
Stanford Medical Informatics
Academic medical center activities and perspectives.

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