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Yet Another Photo Album


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  • Introduction

    This page is intended to support meetings with folks who don't know what we look like. We also have a family album, which includes the post-1997 members of our nuclear family. That URL (address) for that album is included in our Solstice letters (or use your solstice letter link). If you're a friend or family member who's looking for our family photos and needs the address, just email me.


    If you click on some of the small images, a larger image will be shown.

    IMG_1348.jpg (41311 bytes) John Faughnan, Jan 2003.
    (It's getting quite hard to find photos of me.)
    John Faughnan, May 2000 (226Kbytes) John Faughnan, Spring 2000.
    Emily Lagace Emily Lagace in the Canadian Rockies. Fall 1994.
    April 2003: Jeewon/Brinna, Ben, Timothy, Molly (dog), Emily and John. Ancient cave art, apparently of our family. April 2003.
    John Faughnan JPEB image (10080 bytes) John Faughnan, Summer 1998.
    Our family in winter. Click for Larger picture. Emily, John and Molly. January 1996.
    Our family in summer. Click for Larger picture. Emily, John and Molly. Summer 1996.
    molly2.gif (42050 bytes) Molly 1995.

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