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Adoption in Cyberspace


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Last revised 19 Jan 2003, primarily dropping dead links.


Connecting to the Internet

Commercial/Local (partial list - no endorsement)

Academic (students at most local colleges and universities)

Cyber Cafes

Here you can browse the net for a few dollars an hour while enjoying your beverage of choice.


Searching for Information

World Wide Web (a.k.a. WWW, 'web') Search Engines and Indices

A search engine for Newsgroups

An index of email lists about adoption

General and Comprehensive Web Pages


This is a very incomplete list. For a full list of all agencies go to AdoptioNetwork above.

Country Specific

These sites seem to come and go, so we stopped after these three. It's better to start with the comprehensive resources above and then locate country resources.


Web Bulletin Boards

These are similar to newsgroups (below), but they use a web browser.


Probably because they can be moderated and private, I've found lists to have higher quality content than newsgroups.


Most Internet newsgroups are not moderated, and they are afflicted with Spam. The adoption associated newsgroups are often not of very good quality. Besides news clients, newsgroups can also be read (slowly) using DejaNews:


Searches (Finding Birth Parents)

Legal Disclaimer
This URL List has been compiled by the authors, and is not an endorsement of any commercial provider or adoption agency. The information contained on the listed Web pages is copyrighted on each Web page. The accuracy and authenticity of the information contained on each Web page is the responsibility of the copyright holder.

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