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  • Introduction

    This is a very old web site. The first pages went up in early 1995 and were hosted at the U of MN health informatics web server. Sometime in the 90s I acquired my last name as a domain, and faughnan.com has continued in more or less its current form since then.

    Technologies change, and my world has changed too. I write much more now than when these pages were actively edited -- but it's all under various pseudonyms. My writing is all respectable stuff, but when corporate meetings start by googling participants someone named "faughnan" is advised to keep political opinions, family priorities and unadulterated geekery offstage. If you want to know where I write now, you can email me at jfaughnan@spamcop.net.

    Even as I write elsewhere, this site is pretty static. I would love to do more updates, and I've some ideas on how to make that more possible. In particular I'm looking at moving some of my most popular old pages (ie bike touring) to companion Google Apps (sites.faughnan.com and docs.faughnan.com) so I can edit from any workstation. My recent migration to DreamHost makes it easy for me to insert appropriate redirects, so I can migrate without breaking links.

    Most of this site was written in Microsoft FrontPage 98, using a Template Page. I use some simple style sheets and metadata tags, though I think those are pretty obsolete now (spammers misused them). There's nothing quite like FP 98 today -- the world of web authoring split into blogs, community sites, and professional data driven sites.

    Old, abandoned web related projects


    Author: John G. Faughnan.  The views and opinions expressed in this page are strictly those of the page author. Pages are updated on an irregular schedule; suggestions/fixes are welcome but they may take weeks to years to be incorporated. Anyone may freely link to anything on this site and print any page; no permission is needed for citing, linking,  printing, or distributing printed copies.