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Obsolete - Version 1!

The current version of this framework is at: Netscape Presentation Framework: Mini Slide-Show

JavaScript Presentation Framework: Mini Slide-Show

I've made up a framework for doing presentations using JavaScript. The mini-application works with Netscape 3 (Mac/Win) and NS 4. It may work under IE 4.0 (not fully tested). IE 3.0/Win (but not Mac) supports most of the functions, except dynamically building the slide selection list. You can edit out those functions and the drop down list if you wish to use it with IE 3.0/Win.

You can view a simple demo at: Slides Frameset (see end for a complex demo)

The simplest way to download the files one at a time is to browse this folder and download the key files (see below) one at a time. To see the files click on:


There are four key files, in addition to your "slides" or whatever you choose to link to:

Constructing your slide show

  1. make a list of your "slides" and call it slidelist.html (or paste into current slidelist.html)
  2. fire up fmain.html.

For a more complex demo, check out my developing Introduction to the Internet tutorial. Another tutorial uses a version simplified to work with IE 3.0: Internet Medical Records

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