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Small Group Collaboration on the Internet:
Links and Refs

  • The Udell Collection
  • Email to Web Archives
  • Web Forum Indices and Reviews
  • Specific Web Forum Products
  • Miscellaneous

  • The Udell Collection

    Jon Udell is one of the Net's great thinkers, and this is one of his primary interests. His web page is the primary resource, see also his book on the subject and From messaging to syndication.

    Email to Web Archives

    NPAC Web Archive: News, Mail, Lists
    A limited archive system for searching/reading USENET newsgroups, mailing lists and personal mailbox from WWW. Mostly computer science, programming, Internet. (

    Web Forum Indices and Reviews

    Collaborative Strategies: Clearinghouse
    A private consultation group marketing site. Some info on collaborative tools, methods, technologies. (
    Computer-Mediated Communcation Studies Center.
    Conferencing at U Wisc with First Class
    U Wisc Madison uses FirstClass for computer conferencing. Here's why. (
    Conversant and Free-Conversant
    Newsgroup, email and web messaging collection.
    Elliott Web Conferencing.
    Myke Elliott of CNet Canada web conferencing system evaluations. (
    "a Web-based content-management system that's useful for calendar-driven weblogging" (Udell)
    MB 581: Teams, Facilitation, and Technologies for Collaboration
    Boise state university business school course, extensive links to collaboration and groupware tools, including web based. (
    WIT: W3 Interactive Talk
    HTML based tool for interactive talk. (
    Web Conferencing (David Wooley List)
    Excellent collection of web conferencing/forum solutions and suppliers. By David R. Wooley (
    WWW Collaboration Projects
    A review of all web-based collaboration projects. Based at NCSA. (
    W3C Collaboration Resource Page.
    Much more topical than many others. (

    Specific Web Forum Products

    Caucus 3.1
    Used by the Twin Cities FreeNet for discussions.
    A newsgroup like tool that works via the WWW. (
    An html based tool for discussion and collaboration. (
    Perl Based Web Forums
    Descriptive index of Perl-based conferencing systems.
    TCBWorks web-based groupware system
    TCBWorks is a web-based groupware system developed at the Terry College of Business at The University of Georgia. Our goal is to make groupware widely known and widely available. Please feel free to explore the system, and discover what groupware can and cannot do. You may also want to look at Groupware Central.
    WebBoard -- web conferencing
    WebCrossing Demo


    Noteworthy implementations and organizations.

    Duke Fuqua Global MBA
    MBA program using distance learning. (
    The Bridge: International Interactive Communications Society (IICS)
    The leading professional society for multimedia/interactive communications. Slow site. (

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