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Dark Visions

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  • Introduction
  • Presentation

  • Introduction

    In May of 1996 I participated in a novel presentation for a meeting discussing progress towards Electronic Patient Records (EPR). Our group largely focused on the positive aspects of the EPR, which is also known by many other acronyms (EMR, CPR, CBPR, LMR, EHR, etc.).

    Of course, there is a potential downside to virtually all new technologies. I had the dubious honor of presenting the downside. Although I am one of the people working on developing and implementing these systems, and I look forward to having better tools to take care of my patients, it wasn't too hard to imagine some ways things could go wrong.

    I used the device of a television show, called "20 Minutes", looking back from the year 2010 (shorter attention spans then, of course). The US of 2010 is rather like is today. The EPR has brought many benefits, but there's been a price to pay as well. The commentator wonders if things could have been done better, and outlines the remedies emerging in 2010.

    How likely are my "Dark Visions"? Not likely, and they are eminently avoidable. The Bennett bill in the US Senate has some good starting points. Certainly not all of them will come true, though some might.

    I was asked by several people to put the future timeline I used up on the web. I've not include my commentary, however. Hope you find it interesting ...

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    20 Minutes Presents
    Dark Visions: 1996-2010. A Look Back.

    Anchor: John G. Faughnan M.D.
    May 13, 2010

    1996-2010: Threads

    1996-2000: Consolidation of health care

    1996-2000: Rise of Info-Commerce

    2001 - 2002: Transition

    2003 - 2004: Transition

    2003 - 2004: Commerce in Personal Data


    2005: Data Mining Saves Manhattan

    2006: Public Concerns Rise

    2007: Ebola-Alpha strikes Los Angeles

    2008: High Tide

    2009: The Pendulum Shifts

    What have we learned?

    What will the task force recommend?

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