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From Osler to Gallo: Tales of Wonder and Woe

  • Introduction
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  • Introduction

    I prepared the following list for a discussion group I led when I taught medical students at Michigan State University's College of Human Medicine/UP Campus in 1992. I came across it in Feb 2001 while searching some old archives.

    The list served as a framework for readings from various textbooks and journal articles written over the previous century 100 years. Much of the list is drawn from the text: Timetables of History. This isn't always the most reliable source of historical data, but it is fun. (I didn't bother putting
    WWI&II on there -- no need to belabor the obvious.)


    Neisser: Gonococcus
    Pasteur: strep, staph, pneumococcus
    Lavern: malaria
    Koch: tubercle bacillus
    diabetes produced by pancreatectomy
    many more germs/bacilli

    lumbar puncture
    Osler 'Principles and Practice of Medicine' 1st ed. 1892
    psychoanalysis (Freud)
    discovery of the plague bacillus.
    Mendelism rediscovered!
    Rontgen and x-rays

    isolation of adrenalin.
    anaphylaxis described.
    Panama Canal Zone free of Yellow Fever.
    Typhoid Mary imprisoned.
    Teddy Roosevelt bars Japanese from immigrating to US
    Model T produced.
    Flexner Report?
    Salvarsan (Ehrlich): the magic bullet for syphilis

    Ehrlich introduces antiseptic Acriflavine
    Thyroxin isolated for rx hypothyroidism.
    First successful heart surgery on a dog.
    Tetanus epidemic in trenches.

    Sympathectomy for relief of angina pectoris.
    Margaret Sanger's first birth control clinic.
    US senate rejects Wilson's suffrage bill.
    Malaria used to treat syphilis.
    22 million die of influenza pandemic.
    Black Sox scandle.
    Death of Sir William Osler

    Morgan, A Physical Basis of Heredity.
    Babe Ruth traded to Yankees.
    Terrorist bombing kills 35 wounds 130 on Wall St.

    BCG vaccine for tb developed
    chromosome theory of heredity
    treatment for sleeping sickness
    Ku Klux Klan dominates southern US
    Vitamin E
    900 million dollar surplus in US govt budget
    Insulin given to diabetic patients
    white blood cells discovered
    more limitations on Japanese immigration to the US
    state of Tenessee forbids sex education in schools.

    iron lung developed
    Boas: Fascist theory of "Master Race"
    Fleming: penicillin discovered (not used for 20 years)
    Veronoff: "Conquest of Life" immortality by transplant
    various vitamins, enzymes, and hormones discovered.
    stock market crashes

    Japan dominates world markets by cutting prices.
    Lindbergh baby kidnapped.
    neuron discovered.
    sulfonamide discovered
    commercial television
    Neanderthal no ancestor of ours (or is she?)
    more vitamins, hormones, and enzymes
    liver therapy for anemia
    Prontosil (sulfa) for strep infections (1935)

    artificial heart
    insulin used to control diabetes (11 years later ...)
    more vitamins
    Amelia Earhart lost at sea (pieces of plane recently found)
    Rh factor discovered.
    penicillin is practical antibiotic (Florey, 13 years later ...)

    Manhattan Project
    polio epidemic

    Flying Saucers popular
    more antibiotics
    miltown (meprobamate)

    heart lung machines
    color television
    contraceptive pill: phosphorated hesperidin?
    lung cancer linked to cigarette smoking
    Salk vaccinates children against Polio in Pittsburgh
    Michigan State defeats UCLA in Rose Bowl 1954
    liver therapy for pernicious anemia (Dorothy Hodgkin)
    Fleming and Einstein die

    Bell Telephone working on visual telephone
    oral polio vaccine (Sabin)
    more antibiotics, hormones
    Sputnik launched
    Kerouac: 'On The Road', the Beats
    smoking linked to heart disease

    Thalidomide (not US)
    Watson & Crick: DNA
    DeBakey uses bypass for valve replacement

    first heart transplant
    crashing B-52 loses a hydrogen bomb in Mediterranean
    Apollo 11 on moon July 21, 1969
    GM recalls 5 million cars
    Charles Manson
    nuclear powered pacemakers


    National Academy of Science warns freon may damage ozone layer
    Herpes Encephalitis treated medically -- 1st viral therapy.
    AIDS (1982)

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