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1997 AMIA FP/PC Working Group Program:
Topics in Primary Care Informatics

Robert D. Price, Ph.D.
Working Group Chair and Conference Moderator

Saturday October 25

8:30 - Keynote Speaker - "The Structure and Nature of Ambulatory Information Systems". Glyn Hayes, MD

9:45 - Panel - "Issues That Face Primary Care Medical Informatics" Moderator and Panelist: Robert Elson, MD, MS; Panelist: H.C. Mullins, MD, John Zapp, MD and Kathleen McCormick, MD

11:00 - Presentation/Demonstration - "Using an EMR in a Department of Family Medicine". John Zapp, MD

11:30 - Presentation/Demonstration - "The Implementation of an EMR In a Family Practice Environment: A Case Study". Robert D. Price, Ph.D.

1:00 - Presentation/Demonstration - "A Community Doctor Developed EMR: Using Existing Tools" . J.D. Robinson, MD

1:30 - Presentation/Demonstration - "Using Patient Interview Software to Increase Preventive Services in a Primary Care Setting" Alan Wenner, MD

2:00 - Presentation - "Behavioral Aspects of Medical Informatics: A Core Component in Medical Informatics". Dr. Nancy Lorenzi, Ph.D.

2:30 - Presentation - "Interfacing Clinical Information Between Disparate Clinical Systems". Mike Bainbridge, MD

3:00 - Presentation - "The Enterprise Environment and Ambulatory Information Systems: "The Myth and the Reality". Robert Hausam, MD

3:30 - Discussion - "What is The Research Agenda for Primary Care Medical Informatics?" H.C. Mullins, MD, Discussion Leader; Discussants, Mike Bainbridge, MD; Nick Booth, MA. MB. BS. MRCGP. DCH.; Robert Elson, MD, MS; Glyn Hayes, MD; Robert Hausam, MD; Nancy Lorenzi, Ph.D.; Kathleen McCormick, MD; Robert, Price, Ph.D.; Richard Rathe, MD; Sheila Teasdale, MA; John Zapp, MD; and session participants.

Sunday - October 26

8:30 - Panel - "International Development on GP Computing from Successful Countries" Ian Purves, MD - UK, Moderator and Panelist; Mike Sowerby, MD - UK; Yogesh Anand, MD - NZ; Pieter Houwink, MD - Netherlands

9:30 - Presentation/Demonstration - "Work of the WONCA International Classification Committee: The New ICPC; A Family/General Practice Dictionary, and Other Work of the WICC." Nick Booth, MA.MB. MRCGP. DCH.

10:30 - Panel: "Medical Informatics Education: Models and Methods". Sheila Teasdale, Moderator and Panelist: Panelist; Henry Mullins, MD, Robert Price, Ph.D., Richard Rathe, MD and Nancy Clark, MA

11:30 - Report - "Standardization and Primary Care: Where Are We, Where Do We Need To Go"? Henry Mullins, MD

2:00 - Presentation/Demonstration - "The Internet as a Clinical Tool" Sam McGuire, MD

2:30 - Presentation/Demonstration - Small Group Collaboration on the Internet, John Faughnan, MD

3: 00 - Presentation/Demonstration - Medical Records and the Internet: The Writing is on the Firewall Robert Elson, MD, MS

3:30 Discussion - "Consensus on a Research Agenda: An AMIA White Paper" Dr. H.C. Mullins, Discussion Leader.

5:00 - TEA TIME

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