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FrontPage 98 Wish List

See also my FrontPage 97/98 problems and work-arounds page.

  1. Better FP display of unsupported tags.
    FrontPage 98 does not display unsupported tags at all! It would be better to have the tag itself appear in "purple text" within the wysiwyg display.
  2. Support of style sheets using the link tag.
  3. Support user-defined tagging.
    Related to unsupported tags. Users should be able to define tags, including container tags, and have FP Editor place them around selected text.
  4. Better native FP support of HTML 3.2.
    FP 2.0 supports only a modest subset of HTML 3.2. Many semantic tags are missing.
  5. Strict W3C HTML switch.
    The ability to optionally require all HTML to be strictly HTML xx compliant (no NS or Microsoft extensions).
  6. Option to use .html everywhere instead of .htm
  7. Cascading Style Sheets.
  8. Handle JavaScript embedded in frameset header area properly. FP insists on placing JS in body of frameset, which messes up onLoad's for frameset.
  9. Publishing Wizard does not seem to fully allow JavaScript execution.
  10. BLOCKQUOTE is supported by FP editor (indenting paragraph's inserts tag), but it doesn't show up as a tag in the drop down style list. I think this is a UI choice, again illustrating the tension between the power user and novice user. A full powered companion HTML text editor would help with that tension.
  11. A 'replace all' option for importing. If you've imported some pages, and then need to import newer versions of the same pages, FP makes you confirm the replacement of each of the existing files. They left out the "replace all" button.
  12. Remember URLs that are entered into FP, so I can have a quick entry pick list for future URLs. (This quick entry list must be editable.)
  13. Support for relative font sizes, not only absolute.

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