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Introduction to the Internet for Physicians

This introductory tutorial is aimed at physicians who do not routinely use Internet email and/or a web browser. Participants use a web browser (Internet Explorer) throughout the tutorial -- all tutorial materials are on the world wide web. The tutorial is "hands on" from the start. We cover email, the world-wide web, and getting connected. We recommend software and services based on personal experience. The FP Starter Bookmarks page is used to introduce participants to clinically useful web sites, including patient education handouts and literature searching.

tutorial web site:

Goals and Objectives

Goals Objectives
  1. Acquire foundation for use of the Internet.
  2. Use Internet resources effectively and efficiently.
  3. Use additional references as needed.
  1. Acquire basic vocabulary.
  2. Navigate tutorial web site(s).
  3. Send email messages.
  4. Browse web sites.
  5. Alta Vista searches.
  6. Navigate FP Starter Bookmarks.
  7. Select an Internet Service Provider.

Content Outline

Part I: Email and Web Intro Part II: Web Browser and
Getting Connected

Introduction (5 min)

  1. Orientation
  2. Speakers
  3. Web Site & Slides

Internet Explorer (10 min)

  1. Using IE Browser
  2. Customizations

Email (20 min)

  1. Basic & IE Email
  2. Exercises
  3. Lists
  4. Email Tips
  5. Email Software

Web (20 min)

  1. WWW mechanics
  2. URLs
  3. Chicago Links and
    Cyber Cafes
  4. FP Starter Bookmarks

Break (5 minutes)

Web (35 min)
  1. Finding Things
  2. Alta Vista
  3. IE Favorites
  4. Browser Tips
  5. Browser Software
  6. Bookmark Mgt
  7. Web Info Mgt

Connections (15 min)

  1. How It Works
  2. Getting Connected
  3. Rural Internet Access
  4. MindSpring - A Typical ISP

Setup and Maintenance (5 min)

  1. Internet Software Rec.

Discussions and Q & A (20 min)

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