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Internet Software Recommendations


Most of these products are commercial items, and can be purchased through software vendors. My favorite vendor is PC Connection at 800-800-5555. Internet Explorer is included with the Windows 95 CD-ROM and most Microsoft software. When you sign up with an Internet Service Provider, you'll almost always receive a web browser, which you can use to get any of these other products.

Netscape and Internet Explorer are "free". Some of these applications, such as Opera, are "shareware". Try them, then pay on the honor system. Over the past few years I've found shareware programs to be more reliable than Microsoft's well known commercial products.

Email Software

Web Browsers

Novice users should probably use the web browser supported by their Internet Service Provider. Opera is the only option for smaller/older computers.

FTP Clients (File Transfer Protocol) and Others

Most people will use their web browsers to get files, but if you need to put files on a web site or remote machine you'll need to use these programs. Specialty internet software like this can be downloaded from the MacDownload (Mac) or Tucows. This software is for more advanced users.

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