Email Features

IE 3.0
NS 3, Outlook
Eudora Pro CommCenter 4.0
  • address book
  • organize mail in folders
  • create lists of recipients
  • simple attachments
  • simple but very clumsy
  • better address books
  • folders inside folders
  • better attachments
  • more "shortcuts"
  • some filters to organize mail
  • hundreds to thousands of messages
  • HTML mail*
  • standard data files avoid Data Lock
  • powerful filters
  • multiple accounts
  • many shortcuts
  • efficient use of space
  • tens of thousands of messages
  • multiple sort functions
  • encrypted email
  • HTML mail*

* It may be best to avoid HTML mail until after mid-1988, as many recipients will not be able to read it in their email programs.

See also: Email Features to Look For and Email Software Recommendations.

John Faughnan & Bob Elson Last Revised: 01 Feb 2002. Glossary