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MSP Internet Connections

[Jan 2003: This is years and years out of date, but someone actually asked me to fix a URL here, so I did fix it. Most of the URLs here are of obscure historic interest. All the ISPs I mentioned in the original are gone, I replace them all with one I use now.]

Minneapolis-St. Paul and surrounding area: local service providers and other ways to get connected.

(See also: Getting Connected, Rural Internet Access Solutions, MindSpring- A Typical ISP)


Local Internet Service Providers

Commercial (home and small business)

(partial list - no endorsement or evaluation)


Just about anyone can join the U of Minn alumni association and get their inexpensive rates, but don't expect much support. See also libraries, below.

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Cyber Cafes

Here you can browse the net for a few dollars an hour while enjoying your beverage of choice.

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This document is based in part on one done by Phil Zumsteg.

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