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  • Introduction

    I've collected here items that might be footnotes, or endnotes, in a paper document. To return to the document you were previously reading, you'll have to use your browser's "back-up" feature.


    The Golden Age

    The Golden Age of computing began in 1983 or so and ended in 1989. It was the age of the Macintosh, the Amiga and Atari (multiprocessor multimedia), and of many clever and innovative software packages (MORE, Norton Commander, etc). Software tended to actually work, and debugging was a real prospect. Some of the ideas of the early innovators have yet to be fully developed. Perhaps coincidentally, the Golden Age of computing ended with Microsoft's rise to absolute domination.

    MORE 3.1

    See Symantec MORE 3.1 (Mac) and GrandView 2.0 (DOS).


    I liked OS/2 2.11, and even OS/2 Warp. It is a much better working environment than Windows, and (except for font management) better than System 7 (Mac). For varied reasons it did not attract any of the applications that I have need of, and the rumored support of Mac applications never materialized.
    I fear the end is in sight. Just as I've bid sad farewells to GEOS, and to the stillborn PenPoint, so too I fear the end of OS/2. I cling to the Mac now. I is obvious that any working environment I like is quite certainly doomed.


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