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STFM '96: Web Application Development


This web page is one of a set created for a workshop on web application development in academic family medicine. The workshop is to be presented April 30, 1996 at the annual meeting of the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine. Presenters are Robert Elson M.D. and John G. Faughnan M.D.

This set of web pages is organized so that each page addresses a particular topic.

Table of Contents

Outline of Workshop
Forms and a Mail CGI
Examples from a web application (conference program submission), including a Perl CGI.
Web-Database Architecture
How does it all work? Browser, server, middleware and data in the webbed world.
Web-Database: WebStar, WEB FM, and FileMaker Pro
A simple web-database example (lab)
Definitions of key terms.
References and Hot-Links
Includes list of tools used in workshop.

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