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Inline Skating (Rollerblading) at the Minneapolis Metrodome (Roller-Dome)


You can roller blade (inline skate) at the Minneapolis Metrodome during the winter months. Here's the basic information based on our experience. More info is available at http://www.roller-dome.com and by (long!) recording at 825-3663. The web site has a printable calendar which is updated reasonably often; since times change this calendar is more reliable than the printed version. I think the phone recording may be less accurate than the web site.


Skating is along the oval floors which surround the dome. The floors are very smooth. The lower floor is for everyone, families, novices, etc. Upper floor is for 16 and over. Upper has more experienced skaters, and very fast racers blazing around on the inside fast track. Climb stairs to get between floors (hold onto railing!). Fast people skate inside, slow people outside. No trick skating allowed. Works surprisingly well. View is dull, but fun to watch other skaters.

Prices (old data)


Free in-line skating instruction for beginners.

Parking and Access

Route 94 to 5th St. exit. Parking is free. Enter the Metrodome lot at the intersection of 5th st. and 11th ave. Ignore the (closed) underground lot, parking is above ground -- just drive ahead and turn right into the lot at the top of the ramp. Enter the dome at gate D. Exit same way but head back to 94 on 6th street. Very fast to get into and out of the Metrodome.

Conditions and Clothing

Temperature tends to be about 70F. Maybe lower on cold days with smaller crowds, higher on mild days with bigger crowds. Wear T-shirt and loose shorts (fleece pants over shorts works well for travel from your car).

Entering, Changing and Bag Checks

Enter by gate D (just to left of main outside parking area). Sign disclaimer. Drop off coats first (keep stub). Then rent skates if needed, get safety gear. Change into skates. Leave bag (clothing, etc) at bag check. Then exit and enter skating area. Takes about 30 minutes if you're doing a rental -- they will hold drivers license if you rent.

Fluids and Foods

Water fountains are plentiful. Bathrooms open (supervised by Rollerdome staff). Food vendors downstairs have std. pricey stadium fair -- not too much room to eat. Can buy skate wheels and get some free skate maintenance downstairs.

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