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Alternative and Herbal Medicine: Two Critiques

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  • Introduction

    I've written two essays on alternative/complementary/herbal medicine. Both essays focus on the role of scientific thinking as the basis for choosing between conflicting claims.

    Actually, if you prefer to skip the essays, I can sum up many of the arguments made there in two points:

    These essays are dedicated to three of the most remarkable legislators of the decade: Orrin (dark ages) Hatch, Tom (bee pollen) Harkin and Dan (bring-on-the-plagues) Burton. Together they gave us the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994. Spam advertising pills to enlarge various organs is a major part of their joint legislative heritage.


    Alternative Medicine- A Critique from Scientific Medicine. John G. Faughnan, MD, MS
    This essay was written for the web in 1996. It's been revised based on some comments, and there's a Q&A section. It was written for a lay audience.
    Alternative Medicine by Family Physicians- A Contrary Perspective John G. Faughnan MD, MS, Emily A. Lagace, MD
    This essay was written for an audience of family physicians. It addressed the question - should a family physican integrate alternative medicine into their practice?
    Science and the Alternative. J Fam Pract 1998 Oct;47(4):262-3 John G Faughnan, Emily A Lagace
    A published version of the above. Reprints available on request (address below).


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