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Using Outlook Express with Hotmail

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  • Rev: 16 Dec 2006.


    A quickly slapped together page from an email message.

    These images should tell you all you need to know to get outlook to work with an existing Hotmail account. It's pretty easy, just not documented. The trick is that if you enter an adress of the form *@hotmail.com into the address field Outlook sets it up as http mail. See below (png images, so shouldn't be too big)

    1. Choose accounts, NOT New Account Signup!

     SNAG-001.png (7052 bytes)

     2. I already have some hotmail accounts setup, but you won't. You'll just see your existing account.

    SNAG-002.png (11834 bytes)

    3. Here's the trick. Enter robert_elson@hotmail.com

    snag-004.png (11606 bytes)

    4. This is all defaults, the rest is obvious so I won't include them.

     snag-005.png (11270 bytes)


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