An Information Age Curriculum | Moving Curricula into the Information Age | John Faughnan

Information Age Curriculum Slide Views

The presentation is a sequence of web pages ("slides"). There are several ways to navigate this sequence. Choose the one that suits your browser and your needs. Option 1 is best suited to presenting for an audience. Option 2 is best suited to someone doing the tutorial on their own, or reviewing selected areas. Option 3 is of less use, it's provided for web browsers that cannot handle frames. Warning: IE 3.0 has bugs that may cause a frame to disappear during use.

  1. Slide Show with Frames
    This will work with most browsers that support frames. Slide listing is on the right side of the screen. This is a convenient way to view a tutorial subsection or selected slides. It is the recommended view for self-study.

  2. Slide Show: Basic View
    This should work with any browser, including Lynx. Most slides are table based, however. When you click on these links a second window will open to display the slide.

  3. Slide Show with Frames and JavaScript
    As of September 1997 this works best with Netscape 4.0/Win 95 and IE 3.0. It probably works with IE 4.0. NS 3.0 had some JavaScript security bugs that may cause problems. This view is more useful for presenting than for self-study. It uses a slide applet.

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