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AMIA 1999 Family Practice/Primary Care Working Group Activities

Business Meeting I: Saturday Nov 6 7:30-10:00 PM

The Saturday meeting is intended to provide a forum for final planning and discussion prior to the Planning Retreat on Sunday, as well as cover basic WG business.

Business Meeting II: Tuesday Nov 8th 4:30-7:00 PM

The Tuesday meeting is intended to provide a forum for discussing the results of the retreat and the WG-sponsored program sessions, and for planning of our activities for the next year. We also may pick up some existing and new members on Tuesday who would not be able to make it to the Saturday meeting.

Planning Retreat: Sunday, November 7th 8am to 5pm

This will be a working session with no preparation necessary unless you would like to join the planning committee. We will have subgroups focusing on areas of Education, Research, Clinical Information Systems, and Infrastructure, representation from family medicine, pediatrics, internal medicine and nursing, and contacts from our various specialty societies.

John A. Zapp, MD
Program Chairman, FP/PCWG

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