Username and Password: 2 Approaches

high risk
(order items, usage fees)
  • unique username: jsmith1356k [1]
  • unique password of 8 letters and numbers [2]
  • store passwords in a safe place [3]
low risk
(ex: NYT)
  • unique username: jsmith1356k [1]
  • reuse one password of 8 lowercase letters and numbers. Assume the world knows it!

[1] So that no matter where you logon, you can always use the same username.
[2] Many systems require at least 8 characters for a password; you should avoid words and names. A common trick is the use the first letters of a personally meaningful phrase, and add to that a meaningful string.
[3] If your system is secure, you could store them with your Netscape bookmark description.

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