Internet Tutorials | Glossary

Exercises: Intro to the Web

I. Group Exercises

  1. IE Tutorial
  2. URLs Explained
  3. Enter an URL
  4. FP Web Starter Page
  1. Finding Things
  2. Google
  3. AAFP Example
  4. Tutorial Web Site

The above links are used during our Introduction to the Internet class. They link to slides that can be viewed as a part of the complete presentation. Feel free to bookmark any of them during our exercises.

II. Exercises: On Your Own!

Try these exercises on your own. Look at the sample pages, and also check out where they came from. See what you can find using the links to the Search Methods.

Topics Search Method/Source Sample Pages
Perform a Procedure FP Starter Diag Procedures Handbook
Other Medical Topics Personal Bookmarks* Online Clinical Calculator
MS Problems
Refs for Medical Notes
Investments, Loans Personal Bookmarks* Investorama
Local Transit Google
Personal Bookmarks*
SF MUNI: bus and cable car
Twin Cities traffic conditions
Voting Personal Bookmarks* St. Paul Pioneer Press Political Machine
Hobbies/Music Alta Vista
Brittanica Internet Guide
Yahoo! Woodworking
Planet Patchwork
Miniature Horse History
Jones on Bookbinding
BMI Music Indx
Neanderthal Woodwrkr
Sports Yahoo Yahoo! Sport Scores
World News Personal Bookmarks* Ultimate News Page
BBC World News
Vacation/Travel FP Starter
Alta Vista
Personal Bookmarks*
Orlando Guide
Hotel Discount
Expedia Travel
Mars Society
Research Place to Live, Moving Alta Vista, Personal Bookmarks*, FP Starter. Check out local newspapers on the web, small local web sites, official local sites CNN City Guides
Salary Calculator
Homebuyer's Fair

* Some of my favorite sites have come from newspaper articles and the like. I collect them in my personal bookmarks.

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