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The URL you typed, or the URL associated with the link you clicked on, isn't matching any page on my current site. There may be a typo in the URL, or you may have been redirected from an old web server (dragon.labmed.umn.edu/~john, www.hinf.umn.edu/~john, etc).

If you're coming from my old site almost all the URLs will work if you substitute the new domain and drop the ~john. Example: www.hinf.umn.edu/~john/palm.html is now www.faughnan.com/palm.html. My FrontPage and Commuting/Touring Bike pages did change addresses.

You can find all my pages by going to my Site Index and searching there (use the Ctrl-F key on your browser to find things). My Home Page also lists some popular pages on the right side.

I try not to break links, so let me know if something is missing. If you can't find the page after trying the above, send a note to jfaughnan@spamcop.net.

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